As I sit here contemplating the imminent arrival of the worst windstorm to hit the PacNW in 50+ years, I think, MAN, I HATE FALL, and then I think OH WAIT, I can't hate ALL FALL because fall is when we are gifted with the weekend of glorious entertainment that is the Macefield Music Festival! Located in the Ballard 'hood in NW Seattle and run by some of the swellest cats in town, Macefield's lineup really hit it out of the park this year -- an eclectic mix of some of the most interesting local and touring acts around (including a comedy stage), spread out over three days and five venues. I was so very excited about Day Two's lineup at the Tractor Tavern that I stood in one spot in front the of stage for seven-and-a-half hours as to not lose my prime photo-shooting and music-enjoying place, much in the spirit of festival namesake Edith Macefield, who steadfastly refused to sell her tiny Ballard house to developers. She stood her ground and kept her house; I stood my ground and got you some pictures. This is how we do, in our tiny ways. Please to enjoy!

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I ran through the early evening's wind and rain after picking up my credentials to make DAMN SURE I was at the New Belgium Stage at the Tractor in time for "opening headliner" Stallion! As always, these WORLD CHAMPIONS dominated, with their fine songs about chair shots, finishing moves, and double bull rope massacres. See them headline open again for Boyfriends and Miami's Jacuzzi Boys October 20th at Chop Suey!

Boyfriends, in an entirely different way, do what they DAMN WANT, too. If you like your music non-binary, and filled with jittery post-punk, New Wave nods, please make a date with Boyfriends! Actually, that would be October 20th at Chop Suey. This performance was in near-darkness, so I took only a few flash photos and gave them a jittery, post-punk look.

Gazebos are always so compelling, both musically and visually, and I am always quite happy when I can see them play. I am sincerely hoping they will record a second album soon as I would like to purchase it. Also sincerely considering giving Shannon Perry my poofy, mullet-hemmed '80s wedding gown.

I have read so many unusual music-writer descriptors of wimps' brand of witty punk-type music that I thought I would try to compose a few myself.

1. America's Punk Sweethearts
2. Punk-Kalunka-Ding-Dongs
3. Unsigned By Motown For The Foreseeable Future
4. Tight Trio Tenders Terrific Topical Tunes
5. Music For People Who Like Cats And Rainier Beer In Basements

Wild Powwers received one of the most enthusiastic responses from the crowd all night, and were a force to behold, all growly and thunderous and majestically powwerful. I see larger stages looming for them.

Wild Powwers, Macefield Music Festival, Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA. 10/1/16 Flickr set

The floor remained packed with ecstatic fans of Selene Vigil, vocalist of '90s badass punks 7 Year Bitch. The band ran through a triumphant selection of the 7 Year Bitch's catalogue of tough, angry, ironic, blisteringly honest songs, and Vigil's stage presence, shy at first, captivated all.

And to end the evening, the "closing headliner," Reigning Sound! Greg Cartwright's songs are nothing less than classic pop gems, so thoughtfully constructed with little bits and pieces that remind one of the Beatles, classic girl groups and Motown, and chicken-strut garage rock. The band was easily able to switch from thumping beats to sweet ballads, charming all.

Reigning Sound, Macefield Music Festival, Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA. 10/1/16 Flickr set

So many thanks to absolutely everyone at Macefield, Lance Nelson, Kitty Page, and Rick Friel for deeply-appreciated bottled water, and all these incredible bands.