Things kinda get a little freaky around Halloween -- crazy costumes, candy overload, spooky decor, the 2016 Republican debates -- but sometimes LEGIT FREAK is on and no amount of bite-sized Twix bars are going to save you, baby! Come with me if you dare to the Highline Bar in Capitol Hill, where last Wednesday night the crazies crept out of their lairs to entertain the brave assembled! DISCLAIMER: visually-squeamish viewers may wish to avert their eyes from fake blood and people jumping on Lego bricks with bare feet. Please to enjoy!

First up of the night was the Notorious B.A.G. (Bare Ass Gary), clothes-optional frontman in Seattle post-punk band Partman Parthorse. PMPH ripped through (literally, mauling Halloween spiderwebs, silver tinsel, and blood packets) a short set of provocative ditties, including a number about extreme coupling, which is surprisingly enjoyable to sing along with. Outside of Gary nearly choking on glittery confetti at points, everything went well and PMPH's taut, strange, and wonderful music was appreciated by me and the other lunatics.

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Partman Parthorse, Highline Bar, Seattle, WA. 10/28/15 Flickr set link

When I mentioned that the freaks were out this night, I am telling the absolute truth, as next up onstage were the real deal, the talented and disturbing sideshow troupe Wreckless Freeks. If you were hoping to see nails inside noses, swords down throats, nails and tacks in bare backs, mousetraps on tongues, long skewers through cheeks, and concrete blocks on nuts, you would leave satisfied. Drunken filthy clown Ronald McFondle joined in the fun, too, You can't unsee some things, you know. I'm just stating that right up front.

Wreckless Freeks, Highline Bar, Seattle, WA. 10/28/15 Flickr set link

After time allotted to clean up broken glass, concrete crumbles, and the stray drop of blood/Lego piece, sexy, sinewy The Gods Themselves performed for the enraptured. With a sound derived from elements as diverse as Zeppelin rumble, broiling '70s funk, trippy psychedelia, and catchy-as-eff pop, The Gods Themselves are absolutely poised to receive a wider audience. Get these folks on a national tour, stat!

Finally, to close out the evening, veteran porno rapper and freaky legend Blowfly appeared in sparkly, funky, hilarious glory, spewing profanities like he invented them ALL. He may have. I would list some of the lyrics but they'd mainly be all asterisks. Y** f**king g*ys get my dr*ft. The lovely Astra from the aforementioned The Gods Themselves ably funked out on guitar. Rock on, Blowfly!

Thanks to the Highline and Partman Parthorse, Wreckless Freeks, The Gods Themselves, and Blowfly for being your lovely deviant selves!