One of my favorite things about summertime is being able to experience live music outside without getting rained on. Having experienced live music outside in the rain, I can say that it is not my most favorite thing to do, and my camera especially does not care for it. In the spirit of all that is non-moist and melodic, I attended the annual West Seattle Summer Fest for a few hours last Saturday to see old pals wimps and perhaps someday new pals The Fame Riot. It was a successful venture, with only a drop or two of precipitation to threaten my overall well-being, and most excellent music. The Fest was fun, laid-back, family-friendly, yet also had curious items for sale and beer. This is what you want in an outing.

Do you want to know something exciting? The next recording from wimps, "Super Me," is arriving August 7th on Kill Rock Stars! You can buy it with money! Is this not a wonderful world? Thank you, Rachel, Matt, and Dave! Please enjoy pictures of them now! You can click each to make them larger and/or go to the Flickr link to see more!

wimps, West Seattle Summer Fest, Seattle, WA. 7/11/15

I was curious to finally get to see The Fame Riot play, as they have garnered a lot of interest here recently. These glampop boys sure know how to make a photographer's DAY! Fashion, performance, crowd interaction...they've got it all. Very refreshing, sez me. I got a strong MGMT vibe from them, which is a good thing. Do check them out.

Thank you wimps and The Fame Riot, and of course West Seattle Summer Fest!