Well, I'm just calling it: April 2015 is OFFICIAL SONICS MONTH on Popthomology, as it should be everywhere! With the release of their SMOKING, BURNING HOT new album "This Is The Sonics," and equally-incendiary performances here in Seattle, my mind is officially blown, and my heart filled with the truest, most-euphoric musical joy. I didn't really think I could be any happier after their insanely-great show at the Moore, but then -- THEN!!! -- it was announced Friday that The Sonics and "really very very special us, people" would be performing the next night at Easy Street Records to benefit the KEXP New Home Fund. OOOOOOOHHH, I said to myself or maybe even said it aloud, who knows, OOOOOOOOOHH!!! Only a very limited amount of tickets would be sold, and they were pricy. Of course, I'm already a fan and funder of KEXP, a radio station that gives back to the community and the world every day, and their new site at Seattle Center is going to be a real jewel for our city, so, great cause. Could I do it??? Would I do it???


After waiting on pins and needles to see if it would be OK to photograph the event, at the last minute word came through that it was cool and we headed into West Seattle. After nail-biting moments waiting for the cops and the fire marshall to sign off on the haps, the lucky ticket-holders were allowed into the shop and given a special collectable ticket and poster. I was further blessed by the rock n' roll gods to get a prime spot right in front of the stage, so close to the performers that I had to pull back several times to avoid hitting them with my camera! THATCLOSE.

Those who couldn't get tickets stood outside on the sidewalk, a few diehards cheering away pressed against the glass of the garage door that bordered the right side of the stage. In a perch above accessible only by ladder, were Kevin Cole and Troy Nelson of KEXP. To the left side, a bar. All around us, records, posters, and memorabilia. Most prominently displayed were the original photographs of the late Jini Dellaccio, who took all those early and iconic photos of The Sonics in the mid-'60s. It was more than a little poignant to see The Sonics in 2015 take the stage and perform much as I think they must've back then right in front of 50-year-old photos of themselves.

The band took the stage dressed in ultra-cool Sonics black, and began the show with a blistering version of "Cinderella," and didn't back off on the heat for one moment. Honestly, the best way that I could describe the night was that it felt like as if you were at the best damn house party ever, surrounded by smiling, giddy friends completely rocking out to your favorite music, waiting for the cops to blow in and cut the power and haul everyone to the pokey. You never wanted it to end.

Special guests, you ask? OK! Say hello to Van Conner of Screaming Trees!

It's Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States! Later on in the night he stage-dove and landed on me, but then gave me a hug and apologized and said, "I just had to do it!" I understand about HAD TO!

Hello Big Kahuna from Girl Trouble!

Why, it's Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam! The crowd gasped in unison.

 Calvin Johnson of K Records and Beat Happening is a mighty dancer!

 Hi Rod Moody from Swallow!

This handsome young musical star is Jason Kertson, and seeing his perform next to his granddad, Sonics' sax man Rob Lind, was really sweet.

Are you wondering about Jason and Rob's expressions? Wonder no more! Original Mudhoney bassist Matt Lukin lost his pants!!

It was straight-up awesome to see Andy Parypa, original Sonics bassist and brother to guitarist Larry Parypa.

Oh, man! It's our Emily Nokes of TacocaT and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam!

And the final guests of the night? Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden and Mark Pickerel of Screaming Trees!

I took A LOT of photos so please click on the link below to go over to my Flickr to view them all!:

The Sonics and Special Friends, Easy Street Records, Seattle 4/18/15 Flickr set

After the sweaty, glorious show ended, we all milled around, glowing and grateful, chatting with friends, knowing this was one for the books. A billion thanks to Jen Stippich, everyone at KEXP, especially Jim Bennett, Jim Beckmann, and Shelly Corbett, Easy Street Records, and of course, The Sonics and their gracious guests for an unforgettable night!