February 28th provides me with the opportunity to to express how seriously happy and amazed and grateful I am that YOU, YES, YOU are reading this. Back on February 28, 2008, I started this blog with no plan other than to have a place to put some ideas and creative work that had been backlogged for many years. Whaddya know, up through the ground came a bubblin' crude, and we are both still here! That is something that pleases me so much, because if I have the opportunity to deliver to you something that makes you smile or laugh or think or cry or dance or get inspired, there's really nothing better. Well, OK OK OK, if I shut this mofo down and went into a lab and cured cancer, THAT would be better. But since I never took chemistry in school I guess you will have to settle for this. Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me, sharing posts with your friends, and sometimes even letting me know that you specially liked some. After seven years, it is still quite a thrill.

My little gift to you today is an episode of Chicago's "Kiddie A-Go-Go" children's dance program from 1969, in three parts. In 1969, I turned seven years old, so would have been around the same age as many of the kids you see in the video. Holy crap, that flips my wig. If I had lived a little closer to Chicago at that time, I would've BEGGED to have been on "Kiddie A-Go-Go." I guess I'll have to figure out how to produce "Golden Years A-Go-Go" now, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

WCIU Channel 26 - Mulqueen's Kiddie A-Go-Go (Part 1, 1969)

WCIU Channel 26 - Mulqueen's Kiddie A-Go-Go (Part 2, 1969)

WCIU Channel 26 - Mulqueen's Kiddie A-Go-Go (Part 3, 1969)