A few simple photos today of this lovely bunny. I received it from my Grandpa Ollie on Easter of 1968, just a few days after my 6th birthday. It's one of those bobble-head ones where the head hangs from a little hook inside the neck, with a kind of plush bristle-y synthetic fur, and it sports the palest pink bow on the neck. From a distance and at the right angle, it looks pretty darn real.

On Easter Morning, 1968, I woke to find Brown Bunny sitting on my bedroom floor, its head almost imperceptibly moving. In my sleepy, youthful, and myopic state, I thought it was alive and that the Easter Bunny had gifted me with one of his cousins or something. I was afraid to move or say a thing, lest I scare it. I lay there in my bed, frozen in joy, until my mom came in to check on me. Of course, she found my reaction charming, but I have to admit, I wanted to weep in grief when I realized it was a toy after all.

I got over it, and kept Brown Bunny all these years. The End.