How do you explain that shit to someone who wasn’t around to know? You can’t really. All the words, all the films, all the thousands of photographs, all the music even isn’t enough.

It was like grabbing on to the end of a kite tail, hanging on as it rose higher and higher into a big blue beautiful windy sky, dipping and soaring in the sunshine. Pure joy.

I was getting it straight into the core – too young for any other experiences to color my thoughts or block the magical. Straight in. I consider this to be by far one of the most fortunate things in my life.

How do you explain? If I could give that gift, I would. But it lives in me and maybe I give it out in a different way. Love is love.

I don’t look to make any sense of it any more. There’s sociological blather enough on this. I’m just going to be grateful and happy, like a whole bunch of other folks. Thanks, Beatles.